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Made in Italy

Born in Modena

Art. 49fk

Who we are

We are a Modena-based company that has been a leading manufacturer of modular planters without shape constraints since 2013. We create custom outdoor furniture with a precise and consistent identity, characterized by concreteness and formal rigor.

The simplicity of our basic concept is elaborated through cutting-edge technologies. Our goal is to translate the excellence of Italian craftsmanship into innovative solutions with essential aesthetics.

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Modularte moves into a small warehouse and begins to actually produce the products that are gradually introduced into the range, receiving the first orders. The first trade shows also begin, which quickly lead us to some important results


Modularte makes the decision to create a true brand and a new corporate image. From here will start a series of mechanisms that create our brand identity today.


Modularte quadruples its achievements to move to the current logistics site for a total space of about 3000m2, increasing production capacity and optimizing resources.


Modularte also officially relocates the company's offices, which until then had remained detached from the rest of the production department, and boosts the backoffice, technical office, after-sales and shipping side.


The efforts and sacrifices made allow us today to boast a true prototyping department, two production lines with quality and shipping, which can be modulated according to market needs, a technical department, a highly trained team of assemblers to be able to intervene in any situation, an after-sales service, an IT department and a showroom of about 400m2.

Handicraft production

Industrial production

We pursue the virtue of making. The expertise of our craftsmen makes it possible to combine development and tradition, overcoming the idea of a standardized product through complex and sophisticated workmanship.

Essentiality, functionality, beauty

Our modular systems are the result of clear and structured thinking aimed at creating pure and essential forms, defined with sartorial cut.


The use of first-rate materials, combined with painstaking care in assembly, results in the creation of a product that is destined to last.