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July 2023

Terrace with pergola sofas and modular planters

Terrace with pergola sofas and modular planters

Terrace with pergola sofas and modular planters

For a terrace project for a private client, we used several of our products to create a unique and functional outdoor space where each element blends seamlessly with the others.

Getting started, Cube is our modular, height-adjustable planter, the result of research that combines style and technology. With its linear simplicity, Cubo decorates and characterizes your outdoor environment, making it unique. Its structure without intermediate walls allows a natural spread of roots. In addition, a wide range of accessories and options allows for customized designs in terms of shape, size and performance.

Next, to provide a comfortable and elegant relaxation space, we integrated Cube Sofa. This modular sofa, designed for outdoor use, combines practicality and style. Available in different configurations, it adapts to various spaces and needs. Made of weather-resistant materials, Cubo Sofa is perfect for creating a cozy and convivial resting area on the terrace.

To provide protection from the sun while adding a contemporary touch, we installed Skyline, our fixed steel roof pergola. Its minimalist design fits any type of outdoor environment. Each pergola is custom made and offers multiple customization options, allowing you to choose the shape, number of columns, cover panels and side panels, including sliding panels, for complete shade control and maximum comfort.

Finally, to complete the set-up, we added Frangis, a custom-made lamellar louvred windbreak. Frangis can be used as a sunbreak, fence, shade or solid parapet, and is fully modular and made of powder-coated steel. Its design allows for seamless integration into different contexts, adding both aesthetics and functionality to outdoor space.

Thus, the integration of Cubo, Cubo Sofa, Skyline, and Frangis transformed our client's terrace into a harmonious and functional outdoor space, perfectly meeting his expectations and needs. Each element combines perfectly with the others, creating a visual and practical coherence that makes the space unique and pleasant to live in.

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