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May 2023

Parapet cube with handrail

Parapet cube with handrail
Urban Balcony

Parapet cube with handrail

For this project, our client wanted to transform his urban balcony into an aesthetic, functional and safe space. We used two of our flagship products: the Cubo and Cubo Parapet planters.

Cube planters, adjustable in height and modular, are the result of painstaking research that combines functionality and beauty. They allow a natural spread of roots thanks to their structure without intermediate walls. With their simple and elegant design, they decorate and characterize the outdoor space, making it unique.

The Parapet Cube, with its patented structure, meets parapet safety standards and ensures optimal growing conditions for plants. Thanks to its water collection system, it prevents seepage and dripping. Its contemporary design combines aesthetics and solidity, effectively replacing masonry structures.

The result is a transformed balcony that offers modern aesthetics, practical functionality and enhanced security, creating a welcoming and unique outdoor space.

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