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COD. 040

Led Cube

Led Cube
COD. 040
Led Cube
With Cubo Led the perceptual universe of the terrace is enriched with light, offering unique suggestions and sensations. A panel with a 25-mm edge provides the necessary space for the insertion of strip-led that integrate, with perfect mimesis, with the structure. The LEDs uniformly illuminate the planter wall, which is suitably inclined to achieve an even distribution of light. Cubo Led is prepared for strip-led mounting on any front and has clearance holes to install concealed electrical cables. Modularte offers strip-leds, frames, control units and remote controls as options; alternatively, any strip-led on the market can be mounted.


Cube offers maximum flexibility to create varied arrangements.


Cube combines form and function with aesthetic and technological research.


Cube has a wide range of accessories for total adaptation.

Led Cube
Led Cube

Adjustable Bottom

Modularte planters are provided with a steel bottomthat can be adjusted in height, allowing perfect adaptation to the typeof plant, whether short-rooted or long rooted. This feature helps amaintain the overall weight of the planter, potting soil and plants inline with the load capacity of the terrace. It is essential to consider thatthe main contribution to the weight of a planter comes from the water-saturated potting soil and not from the material that makes up the planter.

Thermal Transmittance

Modularte planters optimize thermal efficiency with 4 Enkadrain panels, reducing heat transfer and improving plant comfort. They promote root aeration and prevent wet soil contact with metal. PVC on the steel bottom manages water, preventing overheating and ensuring long life. This helps preserve plant viability over time, providing an excellent solution for cultivation.

Reserve Water

Modularte planters implement an innovative drainage system with a PVC second bottom, allowing even distribution of water without leaching soil. The length of the drain can be adjusted, and a root inhibitor filter is included. Sub-irrigation ensures 70% water savings, promoting sustainable practices.

Ducted Drain

Our drainage system is designed for efficient drainage of inexcess water. You can easily connect the drain to pipes to channel water and direct it to the nearest terrace drain. This effectivelyprevents unwanted water spills and keeps the floor clean and dry, ensuring a tidy and safe environment.


Depending on the customer's needs and the layout of their outdoor spaces, different types of configurations can be chosen. Usually, LED strips are installed on the front walls of the planter, but special corner walls are available to mount the LEDs on the short sides as well. As an additional optional extra, for those who like the play of light created by the in- teraction between the LEDs and the different shapes of plants, flowers, and shrubs in the planters, it is possible to install the strip LEDs directly inside the planter. An additional option is to insert the led lights under the planter, creating a real ribbon of light that animates and defines the architectural space.


COD. 040

Led Cube

With Cubo Led, the terrace is illuminated with a unique atmosphere. A thin panel perfectly integrates LED strips, evenly illuminating the planter. Cube Led is adaptable on all fronts and conceals electrical cables.
2 years
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